Bold in Colors

Colors, oh so versatile!

Now, while many people believe blacks, whites, and neutrals to be effortless, classy, and chic. Bold colors can do just the same for you.

It is just a matter of styling and understanding how visual interest works; whether colors are incorporated deliberately as in color blocking, or as a focal point, or as in monochromatic sophistication. Be a master of color.

In color blocking, you’d want to pair colors from the opposite of the color wheel (yellows with purples, blues with oranges) or adjacent to each other (reds with pinks, purples with blues). But don’t go overboard; we recommend sticking to 2-3 colors. Too many colors also put a strain on the eyes and break the visual interest of the outfit. A great option would be to pair the Hibiscus Top in Grape from First Colors with Assinie Sway Flared Midi Skirt in Yellow from Beam Bold or Jolie Wrap Top in Magenta with Iris Pants in Strawberry from First Colors.

Bold colors can also work to your advantage in serving as a focal point to your outfit. This works best when you’re wearing neutrals and want a pop of color. How does it work? Think fashion editorial shoots – see models dressed in neutrals and having that bright yellow or red bag at the side? Yes, similar concept! To that, we would recommend pairing Box Vegan Crossbody Bag in Sapphire from Thamon or Tote Bag Liz Bubblegum Pink from Aestival Elements to bring a focal point to your neutral outfits.

If color blocking isn’t in your comfort zone and would like to start somewhere smaller and manageable, why not pick your favourite color? If your favourite color is green, then play with the shades. Wear a lighter shade of green on top, and a darker shade of green on the bottom, or vice versa! Some options for you would be Kaia Oversized Linen Shirt Moss Green from Kayn with Peek a Bam Boo Green Cotton Jumpsuit from TAKTAI. Have fun styling with colors! Maximize your creativity!


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