Horoscope & Trends: Aries Season

Happy Aries season!

Known to be bold and competitive, Aries command attention wherever they go — be it their confidence or their fashion style!

Red is the official colour of Aries, and for good reason! Notorious for their fiery hot temperaments, Aries suit all shades of red, from crimson to scarlet and even the occasional mahogany! Pair this fiery hue with neutrals for a eye-catching ensemble.

Aries are ambitious leaders, and their style reflects that! Pair a down to business pantsuit with an oversized blazer. Top it off with an asymetrical tank top and chunky heels, to create an unique silhouette to the classic business look! Worries about loosing shape in that baggy fit? Protip: layer a belt either under or over your outerwear to visually preserve your waist by accentuating your shoulder.

Aries are fashionable trend setters, oftentimes leading the style trends. They are also attention seekers at heart and are fearless in experimenting with fashion. If their fit doesn’t make you do a double take in the middle of the streets, they don’t want nothing to do with it.

Dress big and bold in a fit good for shopping or partying! Take the classic button up layering silhouette and give it your own twist! Rock a high slit on a mini skirt with a asymmetrical tank top. Accessorise with hoop earrings and a two tone necklace and big chunky boots – comfy for stomping on the dance floor or strutting down the streets!

Aries hate mainstream looks – they refuse to blend into the crowd. They look out for independent design, specialities and are all for supporting upcoming designers rather than mass market trends.

This season, be confident and do things that will help you reach your goals. Step out of your comfort zone, both within fashion and life. But you already knew all that! Use your instincts to get far in life!


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