Horoscope & Trends: Pisces Season

Happy Pisces season!

The dreamy artist of the horoscopes, Pisces is whimsically optimistic and free-spirited but never melodramatic, and they love connecting with like-minded souls!

You love to go with the flow and dress freely – nothing too restrictive and nothing too tight. You want to breeze through life with nothing holding you back – and your style echoes that!

Pisces are one of the horoscopes that often use fashion to reflect their emotions, opting for clothing and accessories that enhance their current nature and immediate feelings. You may get carried away a little by your emotions, but your love for fashion and dressing to how you feel across the weeks keeps you grounded.

Pisces rising LOVE some breezy, effortless bottoms to move around in. Lightweight linen culottes, flowy viscose skirts, cool cotton shorts, and even the puffy delicate dresses! You embrace the dreamy spirit and it is evident in what you wear.

Shades of green, blue, and purple mixed with white call to you. Within beauty, you find happiness in makeup – especially shimmery and glitter shades.

Be creative, nostalgic and comfortable. Let your outfit do the work for you.

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