International Women’s Day Top Picks

What am I wearing, you ask? Don’t you know that these are the hottest picks lately?

Looking into your closet but having NOTHING to wear? We know that feeling. But hey, instead of purchasing fast fashion clothing that you get sick of and gets worn out quickly, why not invest in timeless pieces that are actually good for the environment?

Here are some favorite pieces by the female-owned brand owners from International Women’s Day. Be it chic and elegant, or confident and strong, jazz up your wardrobe with the style you are most comfortable with.

Comfort is my element

Who said that athleisure or sportswear is basic and boring? This is just for the ladies who LOVE to live in comfort wear. Be it going for a coffee run, hitting the gym before work, or engaging in pilates after work, slip into the Alva Sports Bra from Outfyt or Cheesecake Babe Bikini Top Miami Tropics from TIKIYOGI® to look your best in the sun or at the pools. No need to compromise style for comfort; you can look good and feel good while doing good!

Dare to be different

Not for the faint-hearted, this one’s for the adventurous ladies. You’d be dazzling heads everywhere you go. Dress in fun, eclectic African prints such as Chinwe Infinity pieces from OliveAnkara as a statement piece or a vibrant pop of solid color such as Assinie Sway Flared Maxi Skirt from Beam Bold to stand out from the crowd. Either way, finish off the look with simple jewelry to bring the outfit together. Don’t go overboard on the jewelry, you want the prints or bold colors to shine!

Classic and chic

Ever looked at the runway shows and think “What if I wore this?” Well, you can take different elements and incorporate them into your wardrobe. I kid you not, scarves are a great way to add a little oomph, but still look classic and chic. With scarves made of 100% silk and coming in myriad of designs, surely there’s one to catch your attention. We think Shine Bright Silk Scarf from JIM Weaver would look stunning on any plain, neutral outfit or Ivy Kimono from Dear Senggigi to look chic and put together, but experiment with what you like! It’s not that hard when the clothes are doing the work for you.

Sensual and chill night-out

We know, we know – the best way to unwind after a long day of work is to play your favorite music, light your favorite candle and chill on the sofa to Netflix. Take it up a notch and feel like your own skin by wearing Mon Tresor Lace Kaftan from Bells & Birds. But hey, if that isn’t your kind of thing on a Friday night – and the partygoer in you LOVES to chill at bars, the Ruffled Sleeve Midi Dress from Tove and Libra is a stunning option to transit from work to partying.


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