Exclusive Interview With Brand: Melmomilk

An exclusive interview with the founder of melmomilk Design, Mami, who is also a visionary artisan fueled by an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.


1. Would you share a bit about yourself and where you’re from?

I’m a Japanese mother of 2 girls, married to a Singaporean. I love creating things since I was small. Having my brand has been my big dream ever since.

2. How did it all start?

I started making baby stuff (bibs, headbands, etc) for my girls when they were babies. It brought me to make jewelries and establish my brand which has been my big dream since I was small.

3. Was it always the intention to become a sustainable and ethical designer?

No, it was not my intention to create something sustainable at first, until I started seeing so much plastic waste in everyday life especially when you have kids. (Milk containers, eggs, snack containers, etc).

It made me feel like I could actually create something using these plastics rather than buying parts. When I buy parts for my jewelries, it’s another plastic. Then I came to this mind: why not make my own parts?

4. What was it that first raised your awareness of the issue of fast fashion?

I myself like fashion and shopping for my clothes, but I noticed that I actually only wear particular clothes in my wardrobe. Buying from fast fashion can be imposed buying. Instead of impose buying I prefer selecting what can be worn for a long time.


1. Could you tell us more about your label?

melmomilk design started with making something that can be enjoyed with mummy and kids/babies (matching design, accessories).

Now I focus on beaded jewelries for kids and adults, and upcycled jewelries that I use used plastics that would have been in waste. I’m hoping that by you wearing upcycled jewelries, others might go “Oh your earrings are nice!” Then “they are made from upcycled plastics…” In this way, you are already helping people be more conscious about sustainability: that is what I want for my brand.

2. What is the ethos when you design?

I love making my jewelries in a lot of colour variations. In this way, people can pick her colours to match their style/skin tones. Sustainable fashion can be colourful!

2.1 And what defines your style?

For upcycled jewelries, I like to use the original colours of the containers. I don’t spray or paint on the plastic but I use it as it is. So it makes every piece special and one of a kind.

3. What have been some of the biggest challenges for you on this journey?

Balancing motherhood and business. I join pop-up event about once a month, but I need to adjust my time schedule with the kids’ schedule. Also, mother guilt comes on when I have things to do but I feel like I’m not spending enough time with my kids.

4. What do you want to achieve personally with your brand?

I want more people to enjoy wearing wearable art, a lot of people care about what they wear but they don’t wear earrings! Earrings are near to your face, so they can give a good effect on how you look if you choose the right colours. I want to be the help in this and also get people more aware of sustainable fashion that can be fun at the same time.


1. How would you explain the importance of brands like yours making steps to become more ethical and sustainable to someone who isn’t well-versed in what that means?

Think not only for now but for the future, think about the world that your child or grandchild will be living in. If you make small changes now, the future will be definitely better than how it would have been.

2. For the consumers, what are the easiest ways that we can all be more sustainable in our approach to fashion?

Doing your part at a time- it would be difficult to start something big but you can start small and do something better around you. Do something that is easy to continue. Even a small tiny choice may change the world.

3. In your own eyes, how has becoming a sustainable designer changed your life?

Personally, I became more conscious about unnecessary plastics that they use at shops and supermarkets. It can be replaced with paper bags or they don’t even need one. But at the same time, I get excited to see unusual colour plastic that I could use for my jewelries.

4. People say that sustainable fashion is too expensive or too difficult to do. How do you usually respond to that?

Sustainable fashion can be expensive but you are not only paying for the products but also for the manpower/ materials behind in proper way. By buying fast fashion, you don’t know what is happening behind the products and you might be encouraging them to grow fast fashions. Every choice you make moves someone’s life.


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