Horoscope & Trends: Taurus Season

Happy Taurus season!

The brain and brawn of the horoscope, Taurus is ambitious, trustworthy, and grounded in whatever they do.

You crave for effortless outfits that are made to last, so it is no surprise to find statement but versatile pieces in your closet. You focus your energy on work and other aspects of life, so effortless clothing that you can throw on and get down to business speaks much to you. Needless to say, Taurus is always fashion-forward and they love to make a muted statement with their daily style. People often wonder why you have so much energy and time in getting ready. To you, there’s no magic formula really. Just throw on a simple flowy dress or oversized but elegant blazer, do your hair and makeup, and out you go!

You feel the most excitement when pieces work harmoniously together, so it is expected that you built your wardrobe on daily essentials that are not boring, but still give an edge to your personality. After all, you believe that “all is in the details”! Enjoy this Taurus season by dressing up with conscious fashion brands on our Smthgood platform and making lasting impressions with new people. Come on, your outfit IS your conversation starter!

Horoscope & Trends: Taurus Season


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